WRLC Disaster Recovery Plan

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. With a written disaster plan, we can reduce the risk of disaster and minimize losses. This disaster plan was completed in January 2015 using dPlan, an online disaster-planning tool prepared by the Northeast Document Conservation Center and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. dPlan is specifically designed for collection-holding institutions such libraries, archives, museums and historical societies. The plan will be reviewed and updated, as necessary, every six months.

The WRLC Disaster Plan addresses prevention of and response to emergencies that may affect the facilities of the Washington Research Library Consortium in Upper Marlboro, MD. It emphasizes quick response to address disasters affecting the collections in the shared collections facility and IT services operating from the data center; it does not cover emergencies involving people (e.g., illness and injury).
Physical copies of the plan are also available in the event access to online copies is not an option. Each of the WRLC directors has a copy (in a variety of locations). 

WRLC Disaster Recovery Plan (Accessable to WRLC Member Libraries only)

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