Creating a Robust Infrastructure for Discovery and Access

Of the initial services provided by the Washington Research Library Consortium, none was more significant than the implementation of a shared online catalog and integrated library system. The means employed to create a robust infrastructure for discovery and access has changed over time, but the essential focus has always been foremost. We are currently exploring the requirements for a next generation resource management system for the consortium libraries with the intent to apply the criteria to selection of a next generation resource management system.

WRLC provides these mission-critical technology resources:

  • Information technology supporting library operations
    • Shared library union catalog
    • Integrated Library System
    • Discovery interface providing a simple, single search box
    • Link resolver which directs users to full text of journal articles
    • Digital library portal (access to all resources)
    • Systems integration and software development
    • Virtualized environment providing quick implementation of virtual servers for test and production to the partner universities
  • Systems and programming services to support consortial borrowing
    • Consortium Loan Service (170,226 books, 22% of total borrowing)
    • Online requests for delivered items (over 126,000 in FY 2012)
    • Online article delivery from member libraries’ print holdings (over 11,000 in FY 2012)
  • Technologies to support digital collections and share campus scholarship
    • Digital object catalog system for access and preservation of digital collections
    • Institutional repository system to publish and preserve scholarly research from member universities
  • Technology support for university IT services
    • host university servers for disaster recovery and business continuity
    • provide a co-location environment in the WRLC data center


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