Employment Opportunities at WRLC

JOB TITLE: Development Operations Engineer

We are looking for a smart, creative system developer/integrator to help us transform the way we deliver software and services to our partner universities. The DevOps Engineer is responsible for building, enhancing, integrating and monitoring information system software using emerging tools and best practices to enable the success of the WRLC partner universities. Tasks involve application-level development and integration as well as the architectural design, operational support, and system-level administration of this infrastructure. This position reports to the Director of Information Technology.

The DevOps Engineer will be using Linux and open source software extensively on a daily basis, including Drupal, Solr, and Fedora Commons to name just a few. To manage these services we will be expanding our use of orchestration tools (eg. Ansible), containers (eg. Docker) and cloud infrastructure (eg. AWS) over the next few years. This is a great opportunity to lead or learn with us using emerging tools and best practices.

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