Vision, Mission, Priorities, Initiatives


The Washington Research Library Consortium will be a catalyst creating synergies among the partner universities to enable the success of learning and scholarship. 


The Washington Research Library Consortium is a collaborative partnership providing proactive and responsive, innovative, cost-effective access to shared information resources, services and expertise.

Approved by the WRLC Board of Directors, December 1, 2010

Strategic Priorities

  • Creating coordinated collections
  • Creating a robust infrastructure for discovery and access
  • Ensuring the long-term preservation of physical and digital information resources
  • Sharing expertise

FY 2014 Initiatives

Creating Coordinated Collections

  • Develop a shared vision and framework for coordinated/collaborative collections.
  • Plan and initiate consortial demand driven acquisition of e-books.
  • Implement collection analysis by Sustainable Collection Services to identify rarely held monographs and unneeded duplication. Use the results to enhance our bibliographic records and manage our shared collections. 

Creating a Robust Infrastructure for Discovery & Access

  • Successfully implement the consortial Summon discovery tool.
  • Evaluate library services platform (Next-Gen system) to replace existing ILS and recommend next steps.
  • Simplify and improve sharing of e-journal articles by considering a redesign of CLS or implementation of an alternative vendor such as OCLC.
  • Identify and implement a new infrastructure for digital collections that can accommodate complex digital objects.
  • Assess data management needs of the partner universities and develop a recommendation on how we can collaboratively create services to manage and preserve datasets.

Ensuring the Long-Term Preserving of Physical and Digital Information Resources

  • Build Shared Collections Facility 3.
  • Complete disaster preparedness plan for the Shared Collections Facility.
  • Build a business plan for collaboratively creating digital collections.

Sharing Expertise

  • Create a highly usable and intuitive Intranet for member staff that effectively communicates information about the WRLC while at the same time efficiently facilitating engagement with and among the partner universities.
  • Maintain an ongoing program of shared professional development through the WRLC Forums and by other means.


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