Vision, Mission, Priorities, Initiatives


The Washington Research Library Consortium will be a catalyst creating synergies among the partner universities to enable the success of learning and scholarship. 


The Washington Research Library Consortium is a collaborative partnership providing proactive and responsive, innovative, cost-effective access to shared information resources, services and expertise.

Approved by the WRLC Board of Directors, December 1, 2010

Strategic Priorities

  • Creating coordinated collections
  • Creating a robust infrastructure for discovery and access
  • Ensuring the long-term preservation of physical and digital information resources
  • Sharing expertise

FY 2015 Initiatives

Creating Coordinated Collections

  • Plan and initiate consortial demand driven acquisition of e-books.
  • Formulate a high level, holistic collection development policy for the WRLC shared collection as a whole. 
  • Use the results of the collection analysis done by Sustainable Collection Services to select rarely held monographs for long-term retention and preservation and to identify unneeded duplication ofmonographs.
  • Enhance our bibliographic records and expose those copies with retention commitments.

Creating a Robust Infrastructure for Discovery & Access

  • Evaluate library services platform (Next-Gen system) to replace the existing ILS and recommend next steps. 
  • Simplify and improve sharing of e-journal articles by implementing an ILLiad only process for all WRLC Libraries and enabling streamlined lending from the SCF.
  • Explore and implement solutions that will enable the loan of e-journals and e-books among the Consortium partners. (e.g., Occam’s reader). 
  • Implement Summon 2.0 (once any remaining concerns have been addressed).
  • Update interlibrary loan rights information for e-resources in 360Link (for those using it) to facilitate loans between the Consortium partners.
  • Determine and recommend changes necessary in staffing and courier services to achieve delivery of CLS materials within 48 hours of request.
  • Identify the requirements for a federated authentication framework for online services provided by the WRLC to the Consortium partners. Determine campus level schemas and identify changes required to provide authentication and authorization for online services. 
  • Develop and implement a plan that will successfully transition our bibliographic records to a new library services platform, including consolidating authority control and the implementation of RDA.

Ensuring the Long-Term Preserving of Physical and Digital Information Resources

  • Complete construction of the Shared Collections Facility module 3.
  • Complete disaster preparedness plan for the Shared Collections Facility.
  • Create a collections disaster preparedness web portal to be a useful information resources in case of a collections disaster.
  • Evaluate WRLC digital preservation needs for born-digital and audio-visual materials. 
  • Make recommendations on current and future storage requirements, equipment needs and best practices.

Improving the Consortium by Sharing Expertise and Assessing and Setting our Strategic Direction

  • Analyze and develop proposals to maximize the value of our human resources through collaboration and cooperation. 
  • Perform a user assessment of the Summon and Primo discovery tools to better understand the effectiveness of the products and users’ success in finding relevant and useful resources.

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