Vision, Mission, Priorities, Initiatives


The Washington Research Library Consortium will be a catalyst creating synergies among the partner universities to enable the success of learning and scholarship. 


The Washington Research Library Consortium is a collaborative partnership providing proactive and responsive, innovative, cost-effective access to shared information resources, services and expertise.

Approved by the WRLC Board of Directors, December 1, 2010

Strategic Priorities

  • Creating coordinated collections
  • Creating a robust infrastructure for discovery and access
  • Ensuring the long-term preservation of physical and digital information resources
  • Sharing expertise

FY 2016 Initiatives

Creating coordinated collections

  • Implement the MOU on Shared Print Retention. 
  • Implement & assess DDA for JSTOR e-books. 
  • Investigate & recommend the desirability of a shared, complementary, coordinated approval plan.
  • Create principles for shared e-resource collections.
  • Explore memberships in organizations to preserve & provide access to print/digital resources.

Creating robust discovery & access

  • Update interlibrary loan rights information for e-resources in WorldCat to facilitate loans in the WRLC.
  • Implement recommended database cleanup in preparation for data migration to a Next Gen system.
  • Investigate a shared OCLC symbol for materials located in the SCF.
  • Enable federated authentication for access to online services and electronic resources.
  • Reassess library services platforms (Next-Gen ILS) & recommend next steps. 
  • Implement fine forgiveness proposal.

Preserving physical and digital resources

  • Begin use of SCF3. 
  • Investigate models for sharing equipment for digital preservation projects. 
  • Consider principles on possible shared digital preservation opportunities.

Sharing expertise & setting direction

  • Revise WRLC document on licensing best practices to enhance sharing within the WRLC.
  • Administer the WRLC satisfaction survey to evaluate our success and recommend areas for attention.
  • Maximize human resources through collaboration and cooperation

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