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May Gallery Exhibit: “Bridging Sign & Script” – January 31 – February 28

Catholic University - Wed, 02/04/2015 - 15:16

Mount Serabit in the Sinai desert of Egypt is the site of the discovery of some of the earliest examples of West Semitic alphabet writing.  This Proto-Sinaitic script has been called the first alphabet.  The exhibit focuses on the work of the 1930 Harvard-Catholic University Joint Expedition to Serabit-el-Khadim and on the contributions of Fr. Romain Butin, S.M. who served as research epigrapher.


Curated by Michelle Datiles, GLP, the exhibit includes materials from the Epigraphic Collection in the Semitics/Institute of Christian Oriental Research Library. The exhibit is on display now through February 28 in the May Gallery of the John K. Mullen of Denver Memorial Library

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